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  1. I’m thinking you did one of these two :
    1. Point the flash head backwards and use a letter-size paper as a diffuser… OR
    2. Shoot the flash through an unfolded napkin or a white plastic bag…

  2. Looks you used a Gary Fong lightsphere diffuser. Light will diffuse outwards and it does look like what happened in your picture.
    If it’s not that, I think you could have used something really random. Something people could use as a backup whenever they are on a photo shoot and really needs something to bouce light off.

  3. Oh all right, I’ll tell you all. I used my favourite improvised bounce surface: my hand.

    A nice warm (flesh-coloured) bounce surface that is always available… remember that one. Hand held right behind the flash, perpendicular to the flash light (ie parallel with the flash body when the flash is pointing up).

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