And wide again.

Wide angles. Have I told you I like those? Here’s a snap taken with 16mm on a full frame camera (equivalent to 10mm on a crop camera):


Downtown Toronto on November 12, 9AM.

Here, it is the otherworldly light reflections plus the Infiniti’s red LED brake lights that do it for me. Do you agree?

Here’s another one, from a wedding earlier this year:

You can see it is wide, partly by looking at the ceiling lights and at the floor. Gives it that “vast” look.

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  1. Yes, but the overhead wires ruin it for me. Do you have trolley buses in Toronto? It reminds me of San Francisco.

    I think the Toronto picture is a candidate for a bit of pseudo-HDR. Take some idential pitcures ar different exposures and combine them so the underexposed street shows better. It needn’t have the over-processed HDR “look”.

    For the second picture real-estate agents are experts at using wide angle lenses to make shoebox sized apartments look bigger.

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