Yesterday, I spent the evening with six pro and emerging pro shooters who spend their time shooting weddings and similar events. I taught them both basic and advanced techniques for using flash, including small strobes, i-TTL/CLS/eTTL, modifiers, and creative techniques. I love this stuff, and I get taught to teach it. Can you imagine? Pinch me!

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  1. Some people are born to teach and i believe it’s true that if you cannot explain something in straightforward terms you likely don’t understand it yourself.

    Do you teach young people. e.g. school kids? I’m thinking that many kids today think that photos are what they get from their mobile phone’s camera. Indeed maybe they think more in terms of video than still images. There’s a real need in that area but it is a different skill set than the advanced material you are teaching to pros.

  2. Thanks Dave! I love doing it in part because of comments like that – and because I know how much fun photography is once you “know stuff”. And – it is not as complicated as it seems. If only the engineers would think about user interfaces as much as they think about the underlying technology?

    Have a great festive season.

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