So I worked out a somewhat workable method to connect my Canon 1- and 7-series bodies to my Mac for tethered operation.


  • Install Canon EOS Utility
  • Install Canon Imagebrowser
  • Then connect the camera to the USB port on the computer.
  • Before turning it on, run Image Capture app and tell it that this camera, when connected, should start up Canon EOS Utility.
  • Now start, and set up, EOS Utility. Tell it to save captures to, for instance, “Pictures”. Tell it that its action upon connection of a camera should be to start Imagebrowser.

Now you can turn on your camera. Take a shot. The first time, because imagebrower is not yet running, the EOS viewer starts, but this is not “updating live” so it is not the browser we want. Close it.

It will not start again. Instead every subsequent image you take now pops up in Imagebrowser. You get a live image as soon as you take it on the camera. Clicking on any image, and using left and right arrows, allows you to scroll through images taken and set zoom levels.

Not ideal and a lot of work, but it does work well enough for me to use for tomorrow’s Santa shoot.

There are better ways, I know it!

0 thoughts on “Tethering

  1. I think Canon provides all the software you need out of the box whereas with Nikon you need to buy extra software. But I’ve never understood Canon’s plethora of software tools.

    Do you have an assistant to help with this setup? Are you printing the selected pictures immediately? I hope it all goes well – it sounds like it could be high stress – but hopefully high fun too.

    I bet parents are conservative and want a standard “kid on Santa’s knee” shot, nothing creative or different. Am I right, or out of date?

    I should look through the malls and see if there are any Santa setups, Thai style.

  2. You are spot on. Kid on Santa’s knee – Ho-ho-ho.

    The plethora of Canon tools is annoying. They all need separate installs, hard to tie them together, even give different colour.

    Now I’d better get ready!

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