Wakey wakey…

A customer (an international teaching hospital in Toronto) called me just now for a last-minute shoot (an award ceremony by the Board of Directors). Unfortunately, with a client on his way, I could not take the job.

So I called every photographer I knew in and around Toronto. Amazingly, none but two answered: most were still asleep. Few of the others called back.

The fact that no photographer was able to take a last-minute job did not surprise me. The fact most were unable to be reached, did. For those of you who want to be photographers, great news: you can get up after 9AM!

Oh and if you were not on my call list it is because I do not have your number.

The shot? It fell through, they decided without a photographer, no ceremony.

0 thoughts on “Wakey wakey…

  1. That’s quite sad actually. No photographer … no ceremony =[
    Do you think they’d go forward with a “beginner” like me? or were you looking for more experienced photographers?
    I’ve been spending a lot of money on lenses, camera, accessories etc. but it would be nice to get it back somehow.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I hope you still remember me… I enjoy reading your blog very much. and looking forward
    to call me next time! I will send you my cell number.

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