Power Tip

Quick tip for today: you do not need to power down your camera after each use. When timed-out, it uses the same minimal amount of power that it uses when you turn it “off” (which is not in fact really “off” either).  So no need to keep that switch moving: Just leave your camera on all day, and only turn it off at the end of the day, or when you pack it into the bag.

0 thoughts on “Power Tip

  1. Good to know, does thisuse use up the same amount of power even in cold weather? I am going to Niagara Falls this weekend and will be outside most of the time.

  2. Indeed, same thing.

    Two more things for Niagara falls. 1) Carry a spare and swap them regularly to keep temperature up. 2) When going back inside from the cold, consider wrapping the camera in a plastic bag, tightly wrapped for 10 minutes, to avoid misting up.

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