What is in my bag?

Further to my recent post on the silliness of the new travel restrictions (punish the innocent, further chip away at our quality of life, while doing nothing to increase security), here’s what I carry in my bag when I travel. This, plus the 1Ds MkIII camera I took the picture with, and my Macbook Air laptop.

Now, how many of those items would a security screener actually know? Let alone understand, and allow through? I mean, even when today’s ridiculous restrictions are lifted?

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  1. You know, I think you could use a “red herring”-

    We’re all pretty certain a photo bag that large will get double checked by security, right? Well, stick a small metal fork (a cheap, 50cent one will do). It will make the whistles go off at the security depot. When they decide to check your bag, show them the camera stuff and the innocent fork that you *forgot* to stow away after the last outing, and promptly throw it away (thats why you want a cheap one).

    Properly remorseful about that slip (and security guys getting their satisfaction at “catching” you with an improper item), proceed to the gate. Heh, i once managed to get a clearly overweight carry-on across security with this- it wasn’t intentional back then, but it worked! (It had about 25kilos worth of books and documents… what can I say? I carry my office with me when I travel).

    (I can see the security guys targeting me already! You didnt hear this from me >.>)

  2. Hey, I feel for you guys out in North America but I really hope this restriction won’t happen to us here in Asia. I’ve got 2 flights this quarter and checking in gear is definitely a big theft risk.

    Might I suggest checking in chargers, some batts and one lens-nicely packed, of course- just to lighten the bag. oh and brush too it might be used as a weapon on the flight =)

    I hand carry about 60% compared to your gear.

  3. But: good news this is allowed. CATSA tell me, after I listedthe items and sent them the picture above:

    Mr. Willems,

    I confirm that the items proposed as well as the bag shown on the picture will be permitted by the screening officers.

    Best regards,

    Justine Drouin
    Client Satisfaction / Satisfaction des clients
    Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) /
    Administration canadienne de la sûreté du transport aérien (ACSTA)
    Toll free / Sans-frais: 1-888-294-2202 (8:30 – 17:00 ET) – Please select option #3 for reception

  4. While it doesn’t apply to you up North, I have a stainless steel plate with a copy of the US Bill of Rights to remind myself what I give up (literally) every time I fly.

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