Pro camera for sale – SOLD

As said, I am selling my backup camera: a  Canon 1D MkIII, new model (Serial number 565… – it’s not an “old, revised, blue dot modified” one).

This is THE Photojournalist’s camera: best I have owned. 10 fps, built like a tank.  And it’s like new. Perfect working order, no damage, has not been dropped, mistreated, or anything; no oil, no dust; low shutter actuations (around 15,000) – this was my backup camera (the 1Ds MkIII being the main one).

I am selling because I also bought a 7D and I don’t need a third backup.

This camera has the latest firmware and has been inspected by Canon CPS. It comes in the original Box with warranty doc. It has over 15 months left of the Henry’s extended warranty – fully transferable! – and it comes with original:

  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Video cable
  • Computer cable
  • Manuals
  • Software
  • Strap

I’ll take cash, and of course you can come inspect and play with the camera here in my Oakville studio/classroom. Even take a studio portrait while you’re here 🙂

Here is the camera as shot with my Canon 7D just now, using the Bowens lights with softbox, fired with PocketWizards:

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  1. Teach me to trust anything online. Having arranged it all, the buyer – who should be on his way here – tells me changed his mind, leaving me sitting here – after I said no to two other potential buyers.

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