Opus Non Magnum

A word about that Opus studio flash that you saw in that previous picture the other day, at the top:

I have owned nine Opus lights, and seven of them have failed. They are sometimes dead in the box (the nine above do not include the one that was dead when I opened the box). If they do work, they die, or they malfunction later. Seven out of nine – I have never seen worse.

The importer, after I wrote a few times, told me:

It sounds like the equipment you’re using has been discontinued by Opus.
These unit were designed for the “Home User” looking to experiment with strobe lighting with out paying the premium for professional lights.

Meaning what, that failing is OK for home users?

He adds that the lights have a two-year warranty. But having seen so many of these Opus lights die, and having heard many photographers describe Opus catching fire, I cannot recommend them in any way.

For affordable monolights that also offer quality, I can recommend the Bowens lights.

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