I teach pros, too

As you probably know, I teach beginning Photographers at Henry’s School of Imaging. Yesterday I taught a dozen new photographers “Point and Shoot Basics” in Mississauga.

I also present to camera clubs, as in here recently in Scarborough:

In addition, I also teach pros and emerging pros, both in Oakville and in Toronto’s Distillery District. The new February/March schedule is up, right here. My advanced flash course, where among other things I teach all the subtle little differences between e-TTL II and CLS/i-TTL; advanced light balancing techniques; when to use what modifier; and more, is very popular with wedding pros.

Both these types of training remind me how important user interfaces are. Why call a focus mode “AI Servo” if you could call it “continuous focus”? Why call metering “3D Colour Matrix” when “Smart Metering” would be understood more readily by your market?

Ever read your camera manual? Did you learn a lot? I see thousands of students ever year and if one thing is clear, it is that camera makers could communicate much, much better. First they would have to give the job of designing terms to User Interface experts and writer, not to engineers.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I am looking forward to attending one of your classes! Nice blog, very informative and lots of practical tips!


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