Marie is retarded

Like so many companies now, Canon Canada has an “automated attendant”.

Alas, “Marie” is not a good listener – she does not start listening until she has finished her long list of mainly irrelevant options (they are mainly irrelevant by definition, since you only want one). Also, she cannot understand “Technical Support” when I say it clearly, and she does not know what an “EOS Mark IV” is – the best she can do is “EOS Mark II n”. She has not been told about recent product releases, it seems.

Tip to Canon: if you want to help humans, use humans, not “automated attendants” with an IQ of zero. The actual support people are so good, it seems a shame to put up Marie as a barrier first.

Why am I calling? Because C.Fn I-7, when set to “1”, which uses the active AF point for spot metering, does not in fact seem to do that. Most peculiar and I am sure I am missing something obvious. What? I’ll tell you when I get past Marie.

UPDATE: when you use all 45 focus points, you cannot spot meter to the focus point. You have to reduce the AF points to just 19. That’s pretty useless, and I missed that in my review. Damn!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more Michael. Those automated voice prompts are becoming more and more annoying as time goes on. Unhelpful too.

    I’ve found that if you push random buttons on your keypad or (respectfully of course) use obscene language it’ll eventually connect you to a real person. Works for Rogers at least.

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