Architecture tip

When you shoot architecture and you want a straight photo, with no distortion, like this:

…then you need to do the following:

  1. Step back. Way back.
  2. Use a long telephoto lens.
  3. Do not aim up or down: keep the lens parallel to the ground.
  4. Consider using a tripod if the lens length is long.

You will now get an “undistorted” picture where the background is enlarged and drawn in to the subject.

0 thoughts on “Architecture tip

  1. As long as your lens/camera back are supported, DxO will remove optical distortion automatically based on the actual focal length in the EXIF for the lens in question. A reliable way to guarantee straight lines for architectural shots.

  2. I think we mixed ‘lens distortion’ with ‘perspective’. Lens distortion comes from the lens, perspective comes from using short focal length lens on a close object.

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