New toy

Just received the new Honl Photo bounce card/speed snoot.

It is like the previous ones in that it is small, sturdy, and conveniently attaches to the Speed Strap.

What’s different?

This one has not a white but a gold reflector (equivalent to 1/4 CTO).

That means I can use it to:

  • Shoot with flash in Tungsten ambient light without making the background warm or the subject too blue; or
  • Warm up portraits with a nice warm glow.

Yet another thing to make my light-life easier.

I am going to be once again sharing my Flash expertise in Phoenix next month – 22 and 23 March – for pro and emerging pro users. You can be sure I am going to show how these small modifiers enable a whole new world of flash.

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  1. Your new toy looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully you will post some examples and thoughts about the Honl card/snoot.

    While in Phoenix, please consider taking the Desert Storm Hummer Tour as a side trip. My wife went on the Night Storm Adventure last fall while attending a conference. She raved about if for weeks. I only wish I could have gone with my camera gear. They basically take you on an ecotour of the dessert in a modified Hummer H1. At night, they equip you with with night vision goggles, Infrared Scopes, etc. so you can see wildlife ranging from scorpions to cougars. National Geographic has apparently voted it one of the top adventures in America. Needless to say, it would be a very interesting shoot. Here’s their website in case you are interested –

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