What, vain, me?

Um yeah.. when I see a picture I like. And tonight a student took this picture of me, one I really like:

In the studio; 1/30th sec at f/4 at 400 ISO; 20mm lens (20-35mm lens) on a Digital Rebel. With a 430EX speedlite, pointed behind the photographer.

Nice eh?

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  1. Would 400 generally be a good ISO to set the camera at. I’m getting off the ‘Auto’ setting, but I don’t know that I’m ready to be fully in the driver seat. I’ve been thinking the first control to discover and really get to know would be aperture. In the past, I’ve been leaving the camera at 200, but the reality is that 99.99% of my photos are viewed on a computer screen. I think maybe I should speed things up, which should in turn, give me more to work with while I’m exploring how much light I’m letting hit the sensor.

  2. Here’s my suggested starting points:

    – Outdoors: 200 ISO
    – Indoors, using flash: 400
    – Difficult light (museums, hockey arenas, etc): 800

    Then vary from there. And yes, then aperture is your next priority, I quite agree.

  3. Can you provide more information about the flash? From the catchlights, it looks like it was camera left about level with your head. Is the light on your face from it being feathered? Or is there some other light modifier like a bounce card?

    Thanks in advance– your daily tips are useful.

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