David Honl and me…

….after teaching the “Advanced Flash” workshop in Phoenix today, at Studio Moirae:

This was shot using off-camera flash, of course. Using exposure compensation to set the background properly (about -2 stops).

Great workshop, great crowd: more details and shots later!

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  1. Michael,

    Thank you again for the afternoon of fun and it was very nice meeting you. What was the exif data of this pic? I was just curious to the further details of the shot, you mentioned -2 exposure compensation, was this shot in Av or M? I may come to tomorrows class as well, decision still pending.



  2. Eric,


    It was 1/50th second at f/4, manual mode (so ‘exposure compensation’ means the meter was indicating -2 at those settings.

    Also, Flash Exp Comp was set to minus 2/3, to avoid blowing out the subjects, which were small in the picture. If you come today I’ll explain more!


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