Gold and blue

One more “blue background, gold foreground” picture for you all. No, two.

Here is Christy, of Studio Moirae, looking radiant, mainly because she looks radiant – but also perhaps just a little because I lit her with a CTO gelled flash (with the white balance set to “Tungsten”, which turns everything blue except the bits lit by my gelled flash)?

And one more lovely participant in the course, who soon will be two:

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  1. What time of day are these tungsten shots taken at? Can you post a side-by-side comparison with “normal” daylight conditions? I like the blue effect of the twilight…it seems to create a dusky almost twilight-like feel but I’m wondering if that’s partially due to the time of day and original lighting so it would be great to have the “normal” comparison shot to see the full effect of the tungsten option.

  2. Hi there Ed,

    They were taken late afternoon, so the light was not blue like that. Later on I’ll do/post some before-after comparisons, sure.

    Of course you can also do the reverse: 1/2 CTB gel and white balance on “shade”. Result: warmer than real backgrounds, as opposed to these colder-than-real backgrounds!


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