Accessorize.. accessorise.

Especially when it’s useful. Like in this case: the Honl Photo light modifiers’ carrying case. If you don’t have one yet, get one:

Very handy bag to keep all your modifiers, like bounce cards, gels, and snoots in one convenient place. And it attaches to a light stand, camera bag, etc, with a convenient clip.

Mine carries things like the reflector you see David Honl himself aiming at Studio Moirae’s Christie, when he joined me for my flash workshop in Phoenix a few days ago:

These small modifiers really have made a tremendous difference to the utility of small speedlites in professional lighting. If you do not yet have the range of Dave’s bounce cards, reflectors, gels, grids and more, then get them now.

Joe McNally is rumoured to have said that “if your subject is interesting, don’t light all of it”. That would be right if he had, and it is there that Dave’s range of modifiers shine: there and in being small, affordable, light and especially, durable, so that I can use them on the road.

That’s not all. There’s more exciting news coming soon from David Honl soon. Stay tuned until I can reveal the latest modifier.

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