Setting up a sunny morning

That is, creating one with studio lights.

This is one of the things Joseph Marranca and I taught our students at the Advanced Lighting workshop we held in Mono, Ontario this past weekend.

Start with a normal day. Lit by available light, that looks like this when you expose for a proper background:

Not much foreground, of course. That is why we add studio lights. The trick is which ones, and how.

One goes outside, aimed at the model through a grid, and is equipped with a CTO (colour temperature orange) gel. That makes the day look like a sunny morning.

Then we add another studio light, indoors, on camera right, with an umbrella.

So now we have:

Which when done gives us one of those “Folgers moments”:

(On Sunday May 23rd, Joseph and I are doing another workshop in Mono, this time a one-day one, which builds on the light practiced in the previous workshop.)

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