Son in car

My son, just now, in a car in broad daylight, in a shot that took only a couple of minutes to set up:

I used three speedlites on light stands; all three were fired using e-TTL light control from a fourth one on the camera.

One speedlite is on camera right, one on the left, and one in the middle using a new Honl softbox to light up his face.

Of course with a few more minutes I would have

  • Moved the softbox so it did not reflect,
  • Positioned the other better
  • Used more gels to add more colour
  • Cleaned the car more

… but with a teenager, even three minutes is a rare gift.

0 thoughts on “Son in car

  1. How is Honls new softbox? I wish he could have sold us the thing when you and Dave were here in Phoenix last month. He had a ton of them in his car but legally couldnt sell them yet. I see he has them on his site so i’m super excited to get it ordered and shipped out. He also has a gel filter wrap as well to store all his gels. Handy things! Nice shot btw.

  2. The softbox is great, a nice complement to the other modifiers.

    If you look at yesterday’s portrait, that was shot with the softbox, grid and gels. Get one. Ditto with the roll for gels.

    The shot’s ok, thanks – but it was taken quickly – teenager – or it would have been better thought out!

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