Canon Canada has just introduced a new CPS Program. CPS means “Canon Professional Services” – it is the program under which pros get faster service. Details of the new program are here:

From what I see, Canon has succeeded in changing the program as follows:

  1. Service level is lower than before. Yes, there are a few goodies, but mainly it’s less, from what I see.
  2. A previously free service is now -wait for it – $250 per year for the best service level.
  3. A form must be filled in (I just did); a page full of  legalise lays out the duties, punishments, etc. Geez, it’s like joining the army!
  4. This form-filling must be repeated annually, as must the paying.
  5. There is no email or contact address.

Perhaps I am misreading this. I mean – surely a company would not want to punish people fopr spending tens of thousands of dollars on their equipment by worsening service levels, introducing annual hassles (finding all the serial numbers took me an hour!)  and then charging for all that?

I have asked Canon what I am missing.. I shall tell you on the blog when I find out.

0 thoughts on “Pfffftttt…..

  1. Yes, do tell. Having a CPS is better than non.

    Here in the Philippines Canon is still trying to figure out how to go about it. While I can’t really trust other paws to touch my cams other than mine-for minimal cleaning and sensor maintenance.

    If it needs repairs I would rather bring it to Canon, Taipei, Taiwan. Where great service and tech know how are up to date.

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