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Yesterday’s post was about Canon’s new CPS (Canon Professional Services) program that apparently decreases service level, introduces a lot of red tape, and at the same time changes the cost from $0 to $250. I may be mistaken, but I do not think so, and Canon has not replied to my email about this.

So let me also share an example of a company that does service right.

I have a pigment printer, not dye (namely the Canon 9500). That means I need to select paper carefully (not all papers can be used with a dye printer – in fact few can. Read the box to make sure). I use Canon papers made by Hahnemülle, and I use Inkpress Pro papers from – in particular Inkpress Pro Silky, which I really like. My standard paper!

But the last two boxes I bought contained only warped paper. Obviously a storage problem with the retailer, or perhaps old paper. In any case, this ruined half my prints: they touch printer rollers and smudge ink all over.

I went to the web site at and filled in a simple form. Minutes later, a VP from Inkpress emailed me this:

How many sheets was it? Please provide us with your address- we will send you a replacement asap.

Now that is service done right. Not only does it help me with my immediate issue (I only print large, and 13×19″ paper costs a few dollars!) but it ensures that I will remain a customer, and that I say nice things about Inkpress and their paper.

I cannot understand why every vendor does not understand this, but I do, and Inkpress does as well.

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