Exiftool, a great exif tool

A tip for y’all today. If you take digital pictures, get Exiftool.

Exiftool is a free utility by Phil Harvey that allows you to see (and even alter, but seeing is the main thing) the entire range of EXIF data embedded in your image.  Not just what your camera maker wants you to see – no: everything. Hundreds of fields, like the exact zoom setting of your lens. The focus spot you used. Much, much more.

ExifTool is a command line utility and it’s free, from here (link).

(Additional tip: open a command line (terminal) window, type “exiftool” and a space, then drag the image you want to know about  from your desktop into that command line window.  This avoids the need totype long complex filenames.)

0 thoughts on “Exiftool, a great exif tool

  1. I like this one and indeed there are hundreds and hundreds of fields, including all of my camera settings. Amazing! Might be useful in some cases and it doesn’t take a lot of space on the computer (which is good).

    I like this firefox addon:

    It lets you view the EXIF data of an image from a browser (when you right click and choose the option) so you won’t need to download the picture in order to view the exif data.

  2. Alas, I have neither a Windows PC, nor a Mac OS X pc in my house. Of the three; desktop, laptop, netbook, all of them run something else.

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