Blog Tips

A few tips for blog-followers:

  1. I blog every day. Um.. every day, yes. So that means I am likely to have written about an issue in the past. Always try to search – for your convenience, the search field is now at the top, on the right.
  2. Subscribe to this blog (also on the right, if you scroll down just a bit), so the blog will automatically email you when I publish a post. That way you do not have to remember come here, which you may forget.
  3. Try to look at categories. Or at keywords. Scroll down and select category or enter keyword. You may see patterns, and reading multiple articles can shed real light on a subject.
  4. Send me questions. I try to answer them all, often on the blog.

And “off-blog”:

  • Take a few workshops or courses. As you know, apart from shooting (for newspapers, corporations, and so on) I teach photography. Both on my own and with colleagues like the incredibly talented Gregory Talas and Joseph Marranca, aimed at more advanced users; and at Henry’s School of Imaging, aimed at beginners. Photography is easy to learn now. Yes, it is still work – perfecting anything takes time – but it is much easier than in the film days.
  • Joseph and I are doing a full-day “advanced flash” workshop in Mono, Ontario (an hour north of Toronto) on May 30: see the details here and sign up today to advanced your Flash knowledge.

I hope to continue to help you all for many more years. Any raves are welcome, too, by the way (as are tips in the tip jar).

And you can really help by spreading the word: the more people here, the more useful this gets for everyone.

But most of all, enjoy. This blog, but especially, photography.

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