Soon: review of the Honl Softbox

I have been using the Honl Photo Traveler 8 softbox, and will post a review soon: in the next week, if I can.

Here’s the softbox, packed in its optional traveling case:

Honl Photo Traveler 8 softbox

Honl Photo Traveler 8 softbox

And here, unpacked, assembled, and attached to a speedlite:

Honl Photo Traveler 8 softbox

As always, the convenience and sturdiness is what sets these Honl products apart. We can all do things in a thousand ways, but:

  • When your customer (or worse, your customer’s personal assistant or PR person) is tapping their fingers and getting visibly impatient and you know you have an hour to go to even set up your shoot, every second counts.
  • When you have to personally carry everything you use, every gram counts.
  • When it has to fit into bags, every fraction of an inch counts.
  • When you shoot for a living and hence throw things about, every bit of sturdiness counts.
  • And when you are far from home, every bit of reliability counts.

I think that is why I like these Honl products so much: it is obvious that Dave Honl lives in the same world as I do. And I suspect, the same world many of you live in. And no, Dave is not paying me for this; and yes, I plan to do more workshop together with him like the one I did in Phoenix in March: stay tuned.

But first, a review, soon, of the softbox, and some tips for its use.

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