Ways to get news

I just bought “Early Edition” on my iPad, and that prompts me to write a short post. Early Edition is an RSS News aggregator. In English, that means that you can read the news from all sorts of web sites that make news feeds available, all in one convenient newspaper-like format.

And that prompts me to tell you that is one of the three ways you can get news from this daily teaching blog:

  1. Read the blog, come back every day!
  2. Sign up for emails (click the “Email Subscription” link in the right column)
  3. Read the RSS feed on http://blog.michaelwillems.ca/feed/ using an RSS News reader.

Whichever you find more convenient.

I know your life is busy and while you are passionate about photography, simply remembering to check is a drag. That is why methods 2 and 3 make a lot of sense.

And if you choose method 3 and are lucky enough to own an iPad (you know you need one!), then add “Early Edition” for a really cool experience.

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  1. you should check out Pulse on the iPad. IT is an amzing RSS reader and you RSS looks amazing on it.

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