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Another flash tip for you today.

580ex2 Flash

580ex2 Flash

Say you are using a flash for a portrait outdoors. You want to decrease the ambient light, of course, and add flash to light your subject. But uh oh – you run out of enough power. You verify this with the full-power tip I gave you the other day. Not enough.

Now what?

One option: concentrate the light more.

Your flash includes a zoom mechanism, to ensure the light goes as wide of the lens. If you have insufficient power, you can:

  1. go to manual flash zoom (press buttons on the back of the flash for this)
  2. zoom in to a longer setting then your lens (e.g. 100mm when in fact you are using a 35mm lens).

Drawback: only the centre of where the flash aims is now lit – so, aim carefully. The big benefit, however: the light is concentrated more, and hence brighter. You get more power when you need it!

I am off to Vegas now, to teach Advanced Flash with David Honl. Talk to you all soon!

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