Fun facts:

  • Number of Opus lights I have ever owned: 9
  • Number that have broken or malfunctioned: 8
  • Number of Opus umbrellas I have ever owned: 2
  • Number that have broken: 2
  • Printed on the Opus lights: For Professional Use Only
  • Said by importer: for light “trying it out” amateur use only
  • Number of Nikon SB-900 flashes I have ever used: 5
  • Number that have overheated or stopped due to overheating: 5

Fortunately I also have excellent equipment. Bowens strobes, Hoodman accessories, Canon 580EX/430EX speedlites, Honl Photo small flash modifiers, Photoflex umbrellas and flash mount accessories, Manfrotto mount accessories, and much. much more. Expect more reviews, and a pick of the month category.

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