Today I am doing a walkaround in Oakville: “Creative Urban Photography”. A three-hour mix of tech review, storytelling, and more.

What kind of situations do we look for? Things that tell our story. Whatever it may be (and we go into that).

But also, there are visually interesting things we always look for, because they may contain interest. For example, in no particular order:

  1. Curves, particularly S-curves
  2. Converging lines
  3. Reflections
  4. Frames
  5. Colours (contrasting or strong)
  6. Textures
  7. Overview – medium view – detail view: don’t forget the detail
  8. Juxtapositions (often funny ones)

There’s more, of course, much more. On these walks we explore that.

Steeling up to carrying bag and cameras all afternoon!

0 thoughts on “CUP

    • Thank you Glenn! I do my best to spend enough time on this. (Of course time is always the constraint, so I think about workflow optimisation a lot – more on that in future posts.)

      Today, I shall also try my GF1 point-and-shoot as well as the big SLRs: we shall see.

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