Afternoon = Gel

Another flash tip for you today.

Later afternoon pictures. You can make them look better by adding your own “golden hour” glow. Like this:

Patio at dusk, photo by Michael Willems

Patio at dusk, photo by Michael Willems

To take a picture like this, you might do the following:

  • Use an on-camera flash while there is still light;
  • First set your camera’s exposure (ISO, aperture, shutter) to get a nice background sky. Ignore the foreground for now.
  • Then position yourself such that there is no close subject (remember the inverse square law).
  • Use a half CTO gel on the flash (I used a Honl Photo half CTO gel on the speedstrap on my 580EX);
  • White balance to “Flash”.
  • Take a test shot. If the flash is too bright or too dark, use Flash compensation (+ or 1) to adjust. If the background is not right, adjust ISO, shutter or aperture.
  • A wide angle lens makes it easier.

And Bob’s your uncle: nice colours.

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