Welcome to speedlighter

Speedlighter.ca: the new home of Michael’s blog.

Why now? Because WordPress changed themes, dropped layouts, and showed themselves to be untrustworthy. But also because now I can do more: in particular I can now add a wide range of “plugins” on this blog.

Why “speedlighter”? As you know, a small flash is called a speedlight. Because they are fast to use. And I specialize in speedlighting: I teach lighting seminars all over. I teach pros as well as beginners how to use flash technically and creatively. I will help you know the exact differences between Nikon’s CLS/iTTL and Canon’s e-TTL. I love small modifiers like the Honl Photo gels, grids, softbox, reflectors etc.

Michael Willems. Lighting: three small speedlites

Photography is about composition/subject, moment and light. While I talk about all three, I particularly like to help people understand light, and how small flashes can help produce professional photography quickly and easily, without lots of heavy equipment.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to speedlighter

    • Indeed. Apologies for those of you who subscribed and who were already approved for posting. Subscriptions back when I figure out how… and approval will be immediately granted again on your first post…

  1. All that for a different web address for the blog! Same great content, though. That’s what matters to me. I’ve subscribed using RSS and that seems to be working fine.

  2. Yep – different address, but it’s more. I now host the blog myself, so (a) I can add more gizmos, and (b) only I can ruin a layout and so on. This resource is useful for many people and I felt that leaving it in the hands of people who delete themes without warning was unwarranted.

  3. Your experience makes me rethink about my blog and online gallery at WordPress.com. I have plan to move the gallery to a better website, and I probably should expedite it after reading your story.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Michael. I don’t know if I’ll move from WordPress. It seems they’ve fixed the inactive widget pane problem, and my sidebar is back to normal. (Yes, I know there’s lots of junk in my sidebar, but it’s MY junk, and I’m glad it’s back.)
    My blog is not a business blog, and I’m no professional, so the WordPress switch wasn’t as ominous to me as it was to you. I’m an amateur artist, though, and have another blog on WordPress that uses the Andreas theme, (http://lisamarina.wordpress.com) so it wasn’t affected by the change, but who knows? I love WordPress, but now I worry if one day I’ll log in and the *poof* will happen all over again! I guess I’ll just back everything up and hope for the best.

    I must tell you, though your blog looks great now and your photography is stunning! I’ll be adding you to my blogroll, if you don’t mind.

    Thanks again..

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