Notes to my readers!

A few short notes to my readers:

  • You can sign up to email notifications;
  • I do a post a day (or more), so it may be useful fo r you to do this;
  • You can ask questions;
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4 thoughts on “Notes to my readers!

  1. I take this occasion to thank you for your blog, all the information you share with us and the time you take to do this.

    AL (French reader from Japan)

  2. Excellent presentation at the Seniors Camera Club yesterday Michael. Thank you very much.
    I wondered if you have both images of the London Eye, and the one of your son beside the tank posted anywhere on this website. …all great examples of shooting up close using a wide angle lens.

    Speaking of wide angle lenses; what is the best wide angle lens for a Nikon D40 X to get the kind of shots you showed us in yesterday’s presentation? I realize a lot of technical skill goes along with that lens to get those images!!

    p.s. I hope you find your missing box of photos.

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