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The gizmo of the day is this Photoflex bracket:

Photoflex dual flash bracket

Photoflex dual flash bracket

Intended mainly to put two small flashes in a softbox. For which it works well. Adjustable just like it should be.

But I have another use for it.

You see, I am a speedlighter. I use small flashes. And pocketwizards, when I am not using TTL. So I am always looking for ways to mount those flashes and Pocketwizards, and no-one has yet come up with any good ways to do it.

So that’s where this bracket comes in. I use it to put one flash and one Pocketwizard onto a light stand. I mount it on a ball head, which I put on the light stand.

In order to do so, I had to use a metal saw to remove the little tag that sticks out: you can see it on the very top, sticking out next to the screw. I am not sure why they put that there: much better without.

But that done, I now have a bracket that allows me to securely, safely and sturdily mount two flashes, or a flash and a pocketwizard, for use on a light stand.

Michael’s Quick Judgment: recommended, provided you have a saw.

6 thoughts on “Gizmo of the day

  1. Just to let you know, I’ve got that same bracket. The tab you speak of is used to mount a speedring-style adapter for a softbox. I’ve found it to be a brilliant little bit of kit.

  2. For those who are thinking of investing in Pocketwizards, and have a Nikon or Canon body, you can skip the bracket (and the saw) by using the Mini TT1 on the camera and a Mini TT5 on the flash. It has a hot shoe to attach the flash to and it can mount on a hot shoe or the foot that comes with the flash (which has a threaded hole for a stand).

    You can use them even when you are using TTL, too!

    • True, and a good tip. Keep in mind the Mini TT1/TT5 are not cheap and the small one uses specialized batteries.

      Still: worth it if they are good. I have not yet tried them yet but will soon… and when I do, will review them right here. If I am happy with their real-life performance (as I presume I will be – but until I see this I reserve judgment!) I will recommend them wholeheartedly!

    • Mr Willems, I can not get enough of your ediuatcon, I would like very much so to some day meet you in a class setting and to learn as much as one can learn form you. You are an inspiration to me. I cannot travel by Plane or car yet because of a Motor Vehicle Crash 16 months ago but as soon as I get better I am coming to Canada even if it is just to shake your hand. Be safe, Kevin

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