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Hi there audience!

I am just back from shooting a very enjoyable event – a birthday party. It is such fun to shoot these events.



Four hours shooting, and two or three hours of post-production work. All great!

More about events and how to shoot them – and what to shoot at them – in the next few days, but first, a note about why to shoot them.

We only live a few years – “three score years and ten”, according to Leviticus. Thank G-d this is no longer the limit (the person whose birthday was being celebrated in the picture above will no doubt join me in being thankful), but even though it may be twenty years more now, there is a limit –  And then we’re gone. And we long for the days gone by.

But when we have good photos, we remember. We mark those days, those places, those events, and those people down forever.  And in doing so, we own them forever.

So please… have your significant events photographed. A few dollars is nothing compared to eternal memories.

And that is why I like to help people learn photography. That is what this blog is all about: about learning the skills that will make you a really good photographer.

This blog is, and will always remain, free. But in return, you can do something for me: spread the word. I see that I have several thousand visits a day, but I would like that to be several tens of thousands a day, or several hundreds of thousands. So please tell your friends and acquaintances; write about this blog; or link to it.

And above all – read it, daily. I post every day and I hope you find it useful. Let’s make this community the best educated in the world. Photographically speaking of course.

Now… I’d like to hang around – but I need to write tomorrow morning’s post!

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