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In today’s Photography news:

  • Canon launches the G12. This is, like the G11, a low megapixel camera (kudos, Canon – good decision. High pixel densities cause more noise).
  • The Daily Mirror sacks 6 out of its ten photojournalists. Yes, photojournalism is dead.
  • A famous photojournalist was in fact a spy.

The quality of photojournalism has plummeted now that no-one is being paid to do it. There will be few more iconic news images, now that somehow people seem to believe that an amateur image shot on a phone with a 2mm-across lens is as good as an image shot on an SLR with an f/1.4 lens.

Progress cannot be stopped. Just like no-one knows Latin or punctuation anymore, and people think Sweden is the capital of Amsterdam, and just like only 5-10% of people can tell me that 1,000 x 1,000 is one million, this skill too will disappear.

And that is fair enough. “It is what it is”: if society does not value Latin, or math, or photojournalism, or knowledge of history, then they will not be around. Almost no-one reads a newspaper anymore, so why employ photojournalists?

The good news is that while deep ability like this is disappearing, at least the remaining abilities are democratizing. Instead of a few Robert Capas, we have millions (that is, thousands of thousands) of increasingly able amateurs today.

And I am determined to help Canada and the USA and any other areas that I have students in become the best-educated photography nations in the world!

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  1. It is very true that we are witnessing a degradation of public taste and degradation of art acceptance. Even with Polaroid era gone more point-and-shooters are satisfied with results of their activity. I am taking pictures for my son’s soccer team and see others parents snapping with cell phones and completely satisfied with blurry no actions results… what is that?

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