5 feet.

Uncle Fred takes every picture from exactly 5 feet above the ground.

Don’t! Look for unusual viewpoints. Up, sideways, or like here, down:

Skateboarder on wet sidewalk

Skateboarder on wet sidewalk

And unusual viewpoints can include diagonals:

Dark Diagonal Church

Dark Diagonal Church

Or they can mean “table-top level”:

Reflection, photo by Michael Willems


So avoid shooting everything with the straight and narrow Uncle Fed horizontal viewpoints!

And, um… recognise the Rule of Thirds in there, anyone?

4 thoughts on “5 feet.

  1. Lol……what do you have against Uncle Fred? For the last image, would you consider this a good image compositionally? I am thinking that the structure below his left elbow could be a bit distracting, along with the building in the middle left. My question is based purely on composition here.

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