Snaps du jour

Today, a few snaps of the day.

From a recent walk through Oakville:

Coniferous vs. deciduous in October

Coniferous vs. deciduous in October

Keep in mind here:

  • Red versus green is a good contrast.
  • Crop carefully.
  • Zoom in close to remove distractions (they were all around).
  • Foliage is dark; so underexpose (in this case by almost two stops).

One more:

Coffee beans

Coffee beans

The message here: get close and shoot detail.

Just one more today, because my eyes are closing with exhaustion.

Red, yellow and blue in a car park

Red, yellow and blue in a car park

Yes, you can find Mondrianesque art in a car park. Thanks, town of Oakville for the blue bins).

2 thoughts on “Snaps du jour

  1. I like the colours green with the red, As a photographer is it ok to crop that tight of the top of the green tree.
    I thought it would be more like uncle Fred taking a shot of people without feet.
    I am trying to develop an Photographer eye. I want to see not just look.
    Thanks for your comments

    • Good question. And well spotted, so your eye is OK!

      First, yes, it is about the colour.

      Second, you get what you can get. In this image there were power lines just above where I shot. An even closer crop would be good (remember, “get up close”), but a wider crop would show power lines. And that is what Uncle Fred would show. 🙂

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