Wall and stairs

Sometimes a picture can tell a story even though it is very simple.

Look at this image, taken during the Urban Photography walk last week:

Wall and Stairs

Wall and Stairs

Now I don’t know about you, but to me, this tells stories.

Or rather, it evokes them: I can make up my own stories.

The stories in a simple image are often in the viewer. Where do the stairs go? What’s in the can? Where is this? It is depressing? Or funny? What is behind the door? What was in the bottle?  “You can’t help but wonder”, as a good friend just said to me.

I therefore urge you to try the same: here is an assignment.

Try shoot a few images with plenty of negative space (see a previous post) or patterns, perhaps, in an urban setting, that invite to storytelling.

The key is not to tell it all, in the image. And – have fun!

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