A shameless promo (but only as the second post of the day, never worry).

You see, I do photography for a living – shooting and teaching. And a few recent shoots have reminded me how few people have proper headshots done. So I aim to change that.

My offer: I will do your executive headshot (like the example below, of my assistant in yesterday’s shot) for the special price when you see when you click on the “Special Winter Pricing” ad on the right. This “turn-key” deal includes shooting on location, the large, print sized photographer choice files (at least four) with an unlimited license to use them, and post-production on these.

But for readers of this blog who live near Toronto I do two additional things.

  1. I take an additional 10% off if you quote this blog post.
  2. While I do your headshot, I explain exactly what I am doing and how I am doing it, so it becomes a lesson as well as a professional picture for your blog, resume, web site, or wall.

If you are interested, email me ( and let’s plan the date real soon.

Oh, and to give you some idea of what is involved: apart from the top quality equipment and, well, me, there’s also the setup, a car full of it:

Portable four-light studio

I cannot (much as I would like to!) promise an able assistant with a master’s degree in Economics for every shoot, but I can pretty much guarantee all the rest!

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