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And today, another tip for my readers:

When shooting a subject in consistent light, use manual mode.

  • When you use aperture mode, the reflectivity of the subject, if it changes, will change your exposure time for every shot.
  • If, on the other hand, you spot meter and set a manual exposure, while the light remains the same, you exposures will all be good.

So when I was taking a few snaps of a car the other day at my local car dealership, I used manual mode (“M”). So I was able to shoot this:

Mercedes Benz

And this:


Without changing exposures. Since the light remained the same, the first exposure values could be used for all further shots: if it’s good once, it’ll remain good until the light changes.

By the way, in both shots the moment was chosen judiciously: the indicator light in shot one, and the “AMG” logo on the display in photo 2. The right moment!

And when you have taken exposure out of the equation, you can concentrate on composition and moment. That is why manual is often a good choice.

3 thoughts on “Mode tip

  1. Your new car? Excellent choice, but the boot (trunk) might be a bit small!

    Thanks for all your tips, you Sir, are a champion! Have a great Christmas!

  2. Mr. Willems, I see you’re doing last minute Christmas shopping for yourself. Your probably going to say you where on a photo shoot…lol Nice shots!!!

  3. This is under the headin of “I only wish”! But that said, my all-wheel drive SUV is more like it for a photographer who lives in the snow…

    Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you all celebrate. Eat! 🙂

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