Turn baby turn

Why do I tilt my pictures? I get asked this rather often.

Indeed I do this with quite a few of my photos. It often gives a dynamic, artistic feel.

Big Bird at Christmas

But that is not the only reason I tilt my camera when I take images.

Here’s why I tilt:

  1. To get more in. This is the most basic: a diagonal is longer. Often it is as simple as that.
  2. To achieve the rule of thirds. Good composition is essential.
  3. To simplify (“de-clutter”). Also very important.
  4. To enable use of primes. In a zoom lens you can zoom – with a prime you can only turn or move back and forth.
  5. To equalize people: if one person is taller, you tilt to make that person appear the same height as the other person in the picture.
  6. To be dynamic: diagonals mean dynamic energy!
  7. To be artistic. Sometimes, I do do it for that reason!

So as you see, there are many reasons, and the art reason is only one of them – and not the most common!

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