Another light example

Here is another lighting example for you.

A very nice lady with an amazing traditional dress (which I am told took a year to make, which does not surprise me):

Croatian dress and mystery pot (Photo: Michael Willems)

Croatian dress and mystery pot

So how was that lit?

Here’s how.

  • First, I exposed properly for ambient light. That is why the background foliage looks good.
  • The camera, of course, is on manual.
  • Then, I added a main light on my right – a strobe in a softbox. This again gives us nice soft light. Fired by pocketwizards.
  • Then finally, I felt it needed more. So I used a speedlight in the sink, on manual, fired also by pocketwizards.

That’s how. Try some of the same if you have time!

2 thoughts on “Another light example

  1. I am curious to know…what is in the pot??? It seems surprising!
    The light from the sink adds nice dimension, can’t say I would have thought of that!!

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