MAJOR BREAKING PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS: BBC Reports that Sendai-based Nikon is to suspend all SLR production for one year, following the earthquake/tsunami.

(Better buy that SLR right now, IF you can still find it in the stores. I’ve seen lineups at Henrys in Oakville and Mississauga.)

FOOTNOTE: I would have thought the lineups and the date would have tipped people off! Glad to say Nikon will weather the storm fine, folks. Although – grain of truth: some production is indeed halted temporarily.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS

  1. The lack of a source link and the fact that it’s april fool’s day makes me think this is a joke 🙂 either way, I’m glad I shoot canon!

  2. Yes… Check the date, everyone. Although there’s a grain of truth in these things, I am glad to announce that things at Nikon will continue toward normal again very quickly.

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