Use the right tool.

“You can only use a 50-150mm lens for portraits”.

Nope. You can use any lens, just about. It’s a matter of matching the kind of portrait to the most suitable lens. Somewhat like this:

So you do not shoot a headshot with a very wide lens. But as you see, almost any type of lens can be used for portraits of one sort or another.

  • For stand-alone portrait, the longer the better. But you may not have space to use a 200mm lens.
  • For groups, wide or very wide is OK . Keep people away from the edges or they will stretch.
  • A Macro lens makes a good portrait lens.
  • For available light photos, you use a fast lens.
  • For environmental portraits, you use a wide lens, making sure your subject is not too large in the image.

I am going to be at the Henry’s Imaging show in Mississauga all three days, Friday to Sunday, talking about “the right lens for the job”. Come see me if you like!




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