Lens reminder

Choose your lenses wisely, like these people at the recent Imaging Show, where I spoke about lenses through the three days:

Your camera is just a box. The lens makes it into a great tool. So, be prepared to spend on your lens; and look at properties like:

  • Aperture – the lower the f-number, the better
  • Sealing against dust and moisture
  • Distortion: the lower the better, of course
  • Sharpness (both wide open and at, say, f/8)
  • Mechanical construction
  • Image Stabilization
  • Chromatic aberration
  • Resistance to flare
  • Focus system speed and noise – and accuracy
  • Consistency

These properties, and more, determine the quality, and cost, of your lens. And high cost is OK because the lens determines the shot – and a lens lasts decades, both in terms of usage and of value.

Now I am off to go shoot softball kid portraits!


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