Not the obvious

“Hold your glasses”, I asked the two ladies at the corporate event I shot yesterday, as I aimed my 1D Mark IV at them.

It took a bit of persuading, because they were surprised to find out I wanted to shoot their glasses, not them.

But in the end, they did, and it was, I think, worth it:

Glasses (Photo: Michael Willems)

It seems to me there are two lessons in this:

  1. People will follow commands, if the photographer takes charge. Do not be afraid to ask people to do things!
  2. Sometimes – no, often – pictures that do not tell the whole story, pictures that make you work out what is happening, are the best way to tell a story (you tell by not telling; by having the viewer do part of the work: isn’t that odd?)

Even a standard corporate event can give rise to some interesting shots.


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