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OK, OK, I bought a Fuji X100 point-and-shoot.

If you have not heard about this camera, you should: it looks like an old Leica, and in many ways works like one, including fabulous build quality, excellent image quality and quiet operation. But in one way it is even better: it has a viewfinder that is both “purely optical with information overlays” and “fully electronic” – and you can switch between the two options using a switch. Genius. And a great-looking camera:

Fuji X100 (Photo: Michael Willems)

Talking about looks, here’s Rob Buchelt, the manager of the Oakville Henry’s store, shot just now with the X100:

Rob Buchelt (Fuji X100 Photo: Michael Willems)

Yup, the new toy is great for street and impromptu photography and it is small and inconspicuous.

It has drawbacks, of course. More about those soon – but in my case, they are vastly outweighed by the positives.

As a result, I am selling this – much as I love it, because money does not grow on trees (I keep hoping, but no luck so far). This is my Panasonic GF1 with 20mm f/1.7 “pancake” interchangeable lens, and a spare battery as well as a 4GB memory card. I am about to put it up on Kijiji.

GF1 for sale (Photo: Michael Willems)

I’d like to chat more but now off to run errands and then two shoots to finish!




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  1. I think you’ll love it, Michael…menu/firmware weirdness aside, it’s a fantastic camera with a super-accurate meter. The lens is nice, and it does well at high sensitivities.

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