Architecture tips

I have a few indoors architecture tips for you today.

Indoors architecture, Amberglen Court (Photo: Michael Willems)

My living room (Photo: Michael Willems)

Shooting indoors architecture is tough. Light differences, low light, rooms that are too small and distorted… many challenges. But they can be overcome with a little attention. The way to do this is as follows: take your time and consider the following:

  1. Shoot with a wide angle lens. This allows you “to get stuff in”.
  2. But do not go crazy and make every closet look like a large room.
  3. Expose for the outside.. i.e. do not overexpose the background. Else, you wil get windows that are too bright – so expose for those windows.
  4. Now expose the inside sufficiently. Start by turning on inside lights.
  5. You will probably also need flash – and you may well need flash exposure compensation (FEC), since walls are often light.
  6. Bounce that flash!
  7. Set your White Balance correctly. Consider using a gel on the flash to equalize light bulbs and flash.
  8. Focus accurately, one third of the y into the image.
  9. Avoid distortion. Shoot from 4′ above the ground, or consider shooting every so slightly upward. If you get perspective distortion, use Lightroom, Lens Correction method I explained a few days ago.

Simple. Once you know!


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  1. Hey Michael,
    I do a lot of real estate photography, but never really consider the use of Gels. What shade or colour did you use for the photo of your living from, if any at all? When you use gels do you set your camera to flash?

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