One more food note

Another note about that recent food shoot (see post of 29 July).

How do you get a shot like this – what are the important factors?

  • Good lighting: diffuse from front, hard from back. That gives it that lively, alive, shiny, yummy, vibrant, fresh look.
  • Good colour – white balance correct.
  • Good colour – add green to red, if you like – the garnish is essential here.
  • Good exposure – “to the right”.
  • Good composition.
  • “Food make-up” – again, that garnish. If food is older, use a brush with olive oil – that sort of thing.

Oh and that was a hurried shot – high-pressure shoot, no prep time. One reason you hire a pro is to ensure that he or she shows up, and that the shoot gets done as well as possible even if conditions are adverse.

Note that I teach specialized subject like this to interested individuals all over the continent. And also note, Joseph Marranca and I will do a “preparing and eating food” workshop this year. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “One more food note

  1. Mike hello,

    you say about the food shot: Good colour – white balance correct!

    you use here a grey card? [ if the light is mixed? ] or only to flash white balance?



    • I just used Flash white balance; that worked fine. But I shoot RAW, so I would use simply Lightroom’s WB dropper tool to click on the white tablecloth, if I had to correct it.

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