I think for once -and this is a big exception on this daily blog –  I will desist from a post: I think today may be a good time to wait a bit and to remember Steve Jobs, who passed away last night.

On a photography blog? Yes – because Apple hardware and software is big in photography, and because he did what he believed in , and because just last night in a class I was saying Apple should design digital camera interfaces. If that was the case, I would be able to cut the length of my beginners’ classes in half.

So – sad news, even if not unexpected. Steve Jobs was 56.


2 thoughts on “Exception

  1. Michael —

    I couldn’t agree more. I was saddened today to learn of Steve Jobs passing. Mr Jobs and the his highly intelligent innovations will forever hold their place in technology history and in creative minds. The creative spirit of Apple will go on, but will not be the same. His creative genius has touched my life in many ways and will never be forgotten. As it rained today (in So Cal), the technology world lost a hero … a champion that embraced the creative and innovative spirit … but the rain was not representative of tears of sadness. The rain was really tears of joy that Mr. Jobs is at peace and no longer in pain. Goodbye Steve, you have truly made a difference in peoples lives in so many ways. You are the true hero of many, and your dream and vision will live on forever.

  2. Because of Steve Jobs and his wonderfully non-geek friendly products, I have been able later in life to embrace digital photography, and to develop skills to do post-production work on my iBook. This has opened up a whole new phase in my life-long learning, and today I also feel like I personally lost someone; my kind thoughts are with Mr. Jobs’ family.

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