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I taught all day today at the Exposure show, for the third day in a row: flash, portrait lighting, lenses: my favourite subjects.

But I did have a couple of breaks in the past few days, and during one of those breaks yesterday I sat in on Sam Javanrouh’s talk.

Sam, of (“daily dose of imagery”), does a daily blog, just like me here – but he does a pic a day, while I do a teaching post a day.

Here’s Sam – and can you see how fortuitous the light was for me? One Sam, and several shadows within shadows.  I just happened to have a camera on me.

Sam Javanrouh (Photo: Michael Willems)

In his talk, Sam said one thing I strongly agree with and that I have also told many of you:

Make every walk a photo walk.

As I often say: don’t even go to Sobey’s without a camera. And don’t let anyone stop you: do what you can, take pictures of everything that fires up your imagination.

Open your eyes, and look. See interesting shapes? people? Colours? Reflections? Curves? Diagonals? Shoot. Always be ready and always picture what you see.

Like I did today in this picture – I suppose you could say I make every talk a photo talk. Groan. But you know what I mean.


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